Gene Simmons Axe Guitar Controller


Northbrook, IL (January 15, 2012) – Cort Guitars announced theĀ Gene Simmons Axe Guitar new brand Gene Simmons Axe Guitar. GS Guitar Axe-2 is the latest Erg Nzung to the series Gene Simmons Signature instruments and Cort Guitars. The guitar next week will officially n at the fair NAMM in 2012 Presented in Anaheim, California.

ax bass is a bass guitar that is determined visually u Similarity with that of an ax. This design is (though rarely) very popular with the bassist usually in hard rock and heavy metal. Some electric guitars also contributed to the design of the ax when m ig popul Re and are sometimes discredited. Since its founding bass ax e was highly depended desirable, very expensive and very rare in the price Gitarrenl And the music stores.

The bass ax was also associated with Marceline (character from the hit Cartoon Network series Adventure Time TV), the forth used his bass throughout the seasons or hass.

rock musician Gene Simmons is credited with the design-based “or” stand out “his garish makeup and” ax . In 1978, Gene was for a new bass guitar, looking “suit, w re a good brand, and shows his philosophy of fashion, which should be treated by a low -. As a weapon After collecting sufficient wealth, go on tour with his band KISS, Gene went to renowned luthier Steve Carr is the first prototype of the low-ax and popular bass to build itself. Since the low-ax was about to kiss a race brand.

In 2012, commissioned Gene Simmons Jim Cara Cara Original Hot Rod Guitars develop a chrome plating process and gold for the AXE and Punisher project. In 2013 Chrome are models for the purchase of Kiss upscale collectors available.

Features:basswood body Bolt-on, 25 1/2 “maple neck /24 frets, rosewood fingerboard /two humbuckers Mighty Mite material /Chrome painting and illustration /Custom /volume, one tone, bridge toggle /TOM with Strings-Through-K body /Gene Simmons custom cover /ARV $ 650.00 USD

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