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If  Lo Bue might have Gene Simmons Basses  Shop As a long and complicated history, the history of Spector’s earned Sherlock Holmes. According to Gene, he met Stuart Spector, then only an upstart luthier development of a small shop in Brooklyn, w During the sessions Destroyer. I was just a guy named Stuart Spector build me one with a lengthier neck. The K Body is completely original, but based on the concept of an old Gibson Melody Maker. It has a double horn, small kitchens body, with DiMarzio pickups. “[*] The shape of the bass was very original, in fact, that it Onnée custom, but it was not an original design. If Spector had only two bass guitars, the model, the SB-1 and SB-2. They had fa both have the same K rperform and the number is the number of microphones respectively. According to the website Spector “Gene Simmons of Kiss mega-group th commissioned several Brooklyn Era SB-1 Bass Stuart in the late 1970s, some of the changes a special gloss black paint with white binding on em c sides of the K rpers. Stuart shaved shoot normally en bulbous H Rn the SB-1 in the points. “


[*] 1978 Guitar Player interview What I call Spector # 1 (although in reality two bass) makes his debut for the Love Gun tour on our first night in Halifax. This version MK I is that Standard SB-1 contr Them with Volume RKE And tone controls (both silver) and a front output terminal (missing, Mini-switch, the default is was on the SB-1). Bass (es) were gl Nzend black with white and he order one A Lot Of very much on the back, where the arrival of the K rpers meets the unfinished neck (see below).

Before we get into the low R Tsel (n), we must consider that seems in the early goings of the tour, Gene never connect. study the pictures below, the output jack on the front, but no cable in one of the photos is clearly visible. It has been suggested that this low (n) were measured with a secondary Ble output jack on the back, essentially a fairly simple Change that ran a string directly to the new wireless system without Vega began with the band build time. So far, the photographic evidence of the rear speaker cable is not found. The Spector is currently in the light  From a private collector after the auction butter ff a screw mounting on the rear panel to the low extreme wear To protect costumes over the years, so it does not show rear outlet.

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