BC rich punisher bass for sale


New bc rich punisher bass As Do singer in 1985, covers of KISS started “just as bad” in. Join a group called “Wicked” in 1987, my first band to play music. was paid for my first concert in pubs / clubs  began writing original material moved from NSW QLD 1991 and that was in 1989; started a group called “Insanity” in 1994 to all of your “metal” includes preferred to do. Started Adding original to it in 1996 all original Whilst this time I also have a company called “SPIRIT ENTERTAIMENT Started is to concerts for all original metal strips gene simmons punisher bass guitar on the Gold Coast, Queensland. In 1998 I moved to Northern New with a new line-up, went back to the “metals” includes to 2000 of gene simmons punisher bass guitar. Now enjoy e I joined the company of my son (guitarist) Brian McLean Junior, the “Insanity” & amp; things brought circle again to the original .

The great target group of bc rich punisher bass that I have ever had with “Wicked” (I think ) It was a blue light disco Picton High School. 700 I think, but my most memorable concerts were played with “Wicked” on a short tour of New Zealand bc rich punisher bass. gene simmons punisher bass guitar in the rear half in Murwillumbah, played New Year’s Eve 2000 & amp; has an AC / DC concert covers the rear H half in Nanango, QLD around 2004 with gene simmons punisher bass guitar .

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