Bc Rich Punisher Bass Guitar


New Bc Rich Punisher Bass Guitar As   Do singer in 1985, covers of KISS started “just as bad” in. Join a group called “Wicked” in 1987, my first band to play music. was paid for my first concert in pubs / clubs  began writing original material moved from NSW QLD 1991 and that was in 1989; started a group called “Insanity” in 1994 to all of your “metal” includes preferred to do. Started Adding original to it in 1996 all original Whilst this time I also have a company called “SPIRIT ENTERTAIMENT Started is to concerts for all original metal strips on the Gold Coast, Queensland. In 1998 I moved to Northern New with a new line-up, went back to the “metals” includes to 2000. Now enjoy e I joined the company of my son (guitarist) Brian McLean Junior, the “Insanity” & amp; things brought circle again to the original .

The great target group that I have ever had with “Wicked” (I think ) It was a blue light disco Picton High School. 700 I think, but my most memorable concerts were played with “Wicked” on a short tour of New Zealand. H in the rear half in Murwillumbah, played New Year’s Eve 2000 & amp; has an AC / DC concert covers the rear H half in Nanango, QLD around 2004 .

Hotel In the early 1970s with Stanley Harvey iron (now known Paul Stanley) formed the rock band Wicked Lester and an album that was never ffentlicht ver. Dissatisfied with Wicked Lester sound and look like Gene Simmons and Stanley tries to pull her band members; it s were gesto resistance, and they leave Wicked Lester, away from their recording contract with Epic Records. They decided to form the ultimate rock band, and the search for a drummer. Gene Simmons and Stanley found an ad by Peter Criscoula, as Peter Criss, who played clubs in Brooklyn at the time placed known; she stepped forward and began as a trio. Paul Frehley, Ace Frehley better known as known, has an ad they place in the Village Voice for a lead guitarist, and soon follow suit. Kiss In February 1974 ever Ffentlicht his debut album Stanley took  The leading actor on the stage, w While Gene Simmons has become the driving force, what has become an extensive Kiss merchandising excess. Section of eye makeup “Vampire” with KISS came from the wing design of the black cartoon character Bolt.

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