Bc Rich Punisher Guitar


Designed in 1992 by Bc Rich Punisher Guitar himself, Bass Punisher was created Bc Rich Punisher Guitar to sen trouble  KISS bassist always found with other Big cuisine.

I hate low with their necks in the kitchen buried body. It prevents me from reaching the high T ne. Also I know not like the device ush on bass. They tend to be around and you do not h the marks Ren. So I con and the Punisher to deliver a big sound great . “- Gene Simmons

The Punisher 2 is an update of the original with a mahogany body and a bolt-rock Canadian maple. Its rosewood fretboard is adorned with white mother of pearl inlay diamond s. Mighty Mite HFMD-4 and R-MMJB microphones offer the kind of growl that needs genes, when he conquered the gr ten stages of the world. Everything is black with white he packed order killer. Contains Lt a custom soft shell case, Gene Simmons with his picture. Includes carrying case.

For more than 35 years, Gene Simmons Rocks was set with a unique flair. Now he has teamed with Cort to create a new model of low signature, called the GS-Punisher-2. Features include a mahogany body, neck “C” Maple modern profile mites two powerful microphones and the signature of genes on the doll. Never one for subtlety T, the Punisher-2 comes with a hard case with a Gene Simmons decorated graph.

Black Finish /mahogany body “C” shape maple neck, rosewood fingerboard /Bolt/on construction /34 “Diapason /24 frets 15-3 / 4” key radius /Mighty Mite/HFMD 4 MMJB-R pickups Master volume and tone controls /toggle pickup /EB6 bridge with pillion cover /Chrome Hardware

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