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political views Gene Simmons Bass Collection Sale was a number of outdoor enplore the administration of George W. Bush  He supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003, wrote on his site :. “I sch Me me by people who claim to be liberal surrounded, which, in my opinion, spat on the Gr Bern the brave American soldiers who gave their lives for a war that was not hers to k struggling … in a. country they’ve never been to .. just to get people to liberate there ”

In a follow-up, explained to you by Simmons his position and wrote about his love and support for the United States. , “I was not born here, but I have a love for this country and people who Conna T no limits. I will always be grateful to America after the Second World War, when he had nothing to win in a country the far was … and saved my mother in the Nazi-German concentration camps. She lives and I’m lives of America. And if you have a problem with America you have a problem with me. ”

Whilst the Lebanon War 2006 between Israel S and Lebanon, Simmons has sent a televised message support (English and Hebrew Ica), an Israeli soldier in the kitchen vapors in Lebanon seriously injured, caller sound Hero .

In 2010, Simmons said he regretted voting for Barack Obama and criticized the 2009 health care reform.  According to the 2011 Middle East Obama’s speech in which the Pr President called Islan L and the Pal sting to negotiate an agreement “on the basis of the1967 year borders with mutually  Agreed exchange Simmons Told CBC that Obama is not in order. “If you have never been to the moon, the moon policy can not be obtained for the Presidentís in Washington DC sit and say : Back to ’67 borders in Israel L -. -You Would you live there and try an untenable to defend border – nine miles (14 km) wide “Simmons accused the UN of being the the one listen to Key body on the face of the earth.”

During his visit to Israel S in 2011, he said that the artist refuses to Israel S run for political reasons are “stupid” who stopped to artists, concerts in Israel planning.

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