Cort GS-AXE Gene Simmons Bass


Prizes the gene simons bass and awards  January 28th 2011, Simmons was in Dallas, Texas, align the Aces Angel grü S troops charity event. Whilst in Dallas, Simmons was the key to the city of Dallas, Texas and e a street, boulevard Gene Simmons pr Sented, was named after him. Simmons and Tweed visited Fort Hood, support the troops as part of the Aces & amp. Angels event. On June 15 of that year he was given the keys to the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 2012, Simmons has again U the Golden God Revolver Magazine. On October 30, 2013 KISS Kruise 3, kissing members of the Navy John and Jamie Downs Gene Simmons pr Sented with a plaque commemorating the Smithsonian National Museum of American History accept a low Gene Simmons Axe signed in their collection. The statement of the Smithsonian Museum provides in relevant part: The bass is now supported in our st ndigen collections …

We look forward to the lower axis with respect to the impact of Mr. Simmons and his kiss had en closing band on American culture especially in the creation of a unique brand and symboltr chtigen that adopted by fans from all over the world. “” The Story of the American experience Mr. Simmons worth preserving. An immigrant and the son of Holocaust survivors, he used the creative vision and shops ftssinn to have a significant impact on popul Re culture of our country, an icon of American music and entertainment. ”

Simmons is an honorary member of the rock grandson Council, national non-profit that works to restore and revitalize music education in disadvantaged American Public schools. A & amp; Gene Simmons Family Jewels e visited a classroom Little Kids Rock and pre segment on the show. He also decorated a guitar auction with his son Nick.

The Punisher 2 Cort was created to problems with other see to l Sen. Gene Simmons Bass guitar has a mahogany body with a maple bolt on neck Canada. Low 2 Cort GS Punisher has a rosewood fingerboard with white em diamond pearl inlays. Cort Gene Simmons Punisher 2 GS-Bass has a bo Animal Personalized Gene Simmons with his signature and photo.

I hate low with their necks in the kitchen buried body. It prevents me from reaching the high T ne. Also I know not like the device ush on bass. They tend to be around and you do not h the marks Ren. So I could Punisher 2 to provide a large en sound “- Gene Simmons

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