Gs Gene Simmons Axe Bass Guitar

Gene Simmons Axe Bass

The ax bass is a bass guitar that is performed visually u Similarity with that of an ax. This design is (though rarely) very popular with the bassist usually in hard rock and heavy metal. Some electric guitars also contributed to the design of the axe when m ig popul Re and are sometimes discredited. Since its founding bass ax e was highly depended desirable, very expensive and very rare in the price Gitarrenl And the music stores.

The ax bass was also with Marceline (character from the TV series Adventure Time Cartoon Network hit), which is nearer uses his bass throughout seasons.Rock musician Gene Simmons h, to be counted Design “ax”. In 1978, Gene was for a new bass guitar, the search “based on” or “stand out” his garish makeup and costume, is a good brand and show his philosophy of the fa What must be manipulated low – as a weapon. After collecting enough wealth to go on tour with his band KISS, Gene went to Steve Carr renowned luthier to build the first prototype of the low-ax and popular bass itself. Since the bass ax was a race to mark KISS.In 2012 Gene Simmons Jim Cara Cara Original Hot Rod Guitars commissioned to develop a chrome plating process and gold for the AXE and Punisher project. In 2013 Chrome are models for the purchase of high-quality collector Kiss bassist Gene Simmons along with Cort, this amazing version of its legendary erh Ren generate electric bass axis Articles available.

This bass is chtigt of Gene Simmons erm, And each axis adorned with the signature of the Gene doll. Cort Gene Axe Bass reproduces bass guitar made famous same bass style that plays on genes scene, and it may be the v Be at a fantastic price. Ax f Shaped kitchen has the same body style and flare than their own D Demons, with a silver blade painted a gl Nzend black, crazy ax head look. The mahogany body bass sound product away very heavy bass for that signature sound Detroit Rock City. The rosewood fingerboard and bridge EB6 4 Strings add clarity to the Gene Simmons Axe, so you get every note definition that you take. Formed in the heart of the Lower Simmons Axe is its electronic system. Mighty Mite pickups MMJB-R and four HFMD occur, clear and bright sound with low noise. The contr Add the Volume Rke, Tonh Hey and a toggle switch to the deck or in the middle of the microphones, so k You to place your ultimate tone D Mon to compose.

Each Cort Gene Simmons Axe has a cover chrome bridge that complements the entire beauty of this monster erg And protects your hands from sharp saddle screws. The bass is equipped with the signature of the genes on the head and held a Gene Simmons custom cover.“>

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