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In an interview in April 2012, Simmons supported Republican Mitt Romney for Pr Dent that shows that America should in the business his feet and running of a business BUSINESSMAN. “Personal lichi life [edit]

Gene Simmons spitting fire. Simmons is a science fiction and comic book fan and ver Ffentlichte several science fiction fanzines, including Id, Cosmos (which eventually merged with Stilletto be Cosmos-Stilletto then Faun), Tinderbox, Sci-Fi Showcase, Mantis and romance. He also contributed to other fanzines, including BeABohema and Sirruish. 

Simmons lives in Los Angeles, California with former Playboy Playmate and Canadian actress Shannon Tweed, whom he had dated for 28 years. [16] He often joked that he and Tweed were “happy single For more than 20 years (1975). He often said Marriage is an institution, and I m FRUITS do not live in an institution.” Simmons and Tweed finally on October 1, 2011 at the Beverly Hills H for History in Beverly Hills, California [16] [17] [18] They have two married children. A son, Nick (born 22 January 1989), and a daughter, Sophie (born 7 July 1992). He had once living relationship with Cher and Diana Ross. [1] Simmons speak Hungarian, German, English and Hebrew Ica. 


Homecoming visit to Israel S [edit] In the M Rz 2011 Simmons visited his hometown, Israel. He described the trip as “life ver Changed.” He spoke of the fa What he still feels that there is an Israeli:. “Israel .. I am a stranger in America, I’m a outsiders” [19] There Gene met his half-brother and half-Kobi triplet sisters Sharon and Drora Ogenia. [20] Simmons has pl ne, His band Sex in Israel instead. He always said that he is a strong supporter of Israel. [21] At a press conference in Israel She Wish and English Hebrews spoke.

Philanthropy [Edit] Gene Simmons, a defender for the work of ChildFund International is known. He traveled to Zambia in his “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” show many of his godchildren to visit, he has more 140.Gene said, “is a st Quantcast warning that life does not treat everyone the same.”

Gene Simmons family again U MEND Humanitarian Award for her philanthropic efforts and support for Mending Kids International is the j DANGEROUS gala of the organization on November 9, 2013. The award was Mel Gibson pr Sented. [25] In his acceptance speech, spoke about his difficult childhood genes in Israel S riddled with bullets in a house. He recalled the enthusiasm of his mother when she re a bo u te CARE day; no, it was about content, it is to know that someone cared for and that they were not alone -. He gave them hope

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