Punisher Bass For Sale

Punisher Bass Key Body with white pin stripings, three-piece mahogany body through the handle, ebony handle with diamond inlays, chrome hardware, serial number 00638, signed and numbered by Gene Simmons. Signed with a certificate of authenticity also by Simmons and personalized Punisher F Cases accompanied. The co-founder and co-leader of KISS on stage known as “The Demon” as much for her makeup for her heavy metal bass work.

For over 35 years defined rock with his unique flair. Now he has teamed with Cort to produce a low signature with the new GS-Punisher-2.

Each GS-Punisher-2 has a chrome bridge cover that complements the entire beauty erg And protects your hands from sharp saddle screws. facharbeit schreiben lassen;

CONSTRUCTION: Bolt-on / Body: Mahogany / Neck: Maple / LIAISON: N / A / rosewood fretboard, 15 3/4 “Radius (400 mm) / Frets: 24 / Gro (2. 7 mm) / SCALE: 34 “(864 mm) / INLAY: White beads diamond / Tuners: Die-cast / BRIDGE: EB6 (4) with rear lid / Micros Mighty Mite HFMD 4  MMJB-R with silver logo / ELECTRONICS: 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 toggle switch / MATERIAL: CR (Chrome) / STRINGS: D’Addario EXL165 (105-045) / SPECIAL: customized graphical Punisher / Additional information: Gene Simmons user Included / COLORS: GS-Punisher 2-BK – Black


https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=SejFDKKe_nY

top box Moose head Punisher with PJ pickup configuration. With a Kent Armstrong P / J matching set, gold hardware and even gold frets. & Nbsp; Blending with black ash grain K Body black burst, also black headstock and neck. & Nbsp; He lives! This form of K body to play well, f promotes good “Rock God entertainment & nbsp; Unplugged, smooth tone PJ classic surprisingly strong resonance and an amp. The Real origin Neck thru body Key Punisher was from BC Rich
most of them were made in the 90s,  Whilst the time Ed Roman owner of the company. If the God of Thunder con low, you know, to give the people attention. The new Bass Player magazine issue has a magnificent study of two sides of Cort PUNISHER-2 Gene Simmons and designed. The low lives up to its high expectations, which proves that this bass can be almost anything you’ll do. As a bassist, this coffee gives you a reason to live and it turns out to your audience why God gave Rock Roll up to you!

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