Punisher Bass Guitar


Before getting into the technical specifications of the Punisher Bass Guitar , let us first the most important aspect for me the sound. When I plugged in and played it Opening riff of “God of Thunder”, the sound was monster . It was a full, rich sound with great tone em in two pick-up, which is surprising considering its Gr e is elegant and the K Body. Gene is a überlebensgro S guy so I naturally assumed that the bass w Re great be and heavy. It looked great, with a variety of songs and styles of music, not just songs by Kiss.

If I have a choice for rock songs such as Van Halen, or play with your fingers to the songs of Rush, and even the nature of the slap funk, everything looked great and balanced air I ran over my clean amp. The bass has two Mighty Mite pickups. There is a MMJB-R pickup in the bridge position and HFMD-4 in the neck position. HFMD-4 is in a perfect location to rest your thumb and play with your fingers. The three-way switch, Volume correction And timbre, suitable for a change in tone.

The Punisher 2 Cort was created to problems with other B Ssen to l Sen. Gene Simmons Bass guitar has a mahogany body with a maple bolt on neck Canada. Low 2 Cort GS Punisher has a rosewood fingerboard with white em diamond pearl inlays. Cort Gene Simmons Punisher 2 GS-Bass has a bo Animal Personalized Gene Simmons with his signature and photo.

I hate low with their necks in the kitchen buried body. It prevents me from reaching the high T ne. Also I know not like the device ush on bass. They tend to be around and you do not h the marks Ren. So I designed the Punisher and 2 provide a great sound s “

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