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Beverly Hills, CA (January 18, 2013) – When a KISS fan Jim Cara asked, made an exact copy of Gene Simmons Bass Spector, the story in the 1970s to create, he had no idea he would end the people impress you. The customer handed bass and Gene Simmons at a show actually he thought his old lower back, or at least had a perfect clone.

OUTSIDE Cara-the-box guitar did not know that gene Simmons was an Scientific assistance to develop some special instruments looking for one-of-a-kind. After all, Chrome, Flames, leather and good with Hot Rod guitar, like they do with KISS. Hayeland Paul, director of GS AXE LTD, has decided to give Cara Original Hot Rod guitar suddenly come into some projects. Dozens of prototypes sp Ter produced Cara volatile Chrome Simmons instruments, as well as glass and rivet tools, totally identify the v With the character Simmons scene.

Each instrument is individually chrome and custom-designed, as Cara said There is no M Possibility for mass production of wood-Guitar Chrome, I have a background in coatings. I loved guitars. Many companies have tried Chrome on wood, and I saw and predicted the problems they encounter. It was an honor for Gene and Paul solution to come to me for a L, And I do not think anyone is better for the job as the original Cara Hot Rod Guitars “ fit it .

New Document As soon as we were in 1978 and Alive II tour the second Spector (now known as Spector # 2) made his first appearance. There are, as far as I know , some valuable pictures of Spector # 2 in costumes Love Gun / Alive II. The following pictures are from a show in January, either on the 21 or 22. My theory is that it is heated to the third Spector Spector on the website Hnt (I more or less curiosity in black to ignore up now). He crushed the same basic material as # 1, but a form of slightly different Key Body and pickguard a mirror with a bottom. Is in terms of video evidence, it seems the First Kiss in the preamble to the spirits (see below).

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