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The dispute in February 2002 Simmons [Edit] was interviewed Fresh Air radio show on NPR and asked for his right to have sex with 4600 women had to have. He told Terry Gross: “If you want welcomed me with open arms, I’m afraid you have to salutation me with open legs en, paraphrasing a text from 1981 hit by The Who” You Better You Bet “. Gross said. ” This is a really bad thing to say “At the time, refused Simmons, permission to NPR interview online However, on paper it appears in t wt hear Gross. ‘Book All I did was ask, (ISBN 1-4013-0010-3) and unauthorized transcripts offered. Play NPR interview Also to 2007. [28] In a 2014 interview with The Huffington Post, Simmons noted that he excited by what he perceived holier than thou “attitude crude oil, the mislabelling his kiss band as including” The Kiss “Simmons of bandmate Paul Stanley often the expression. Salutation Te us with open arms and open legs in patter on stage for Kiss concerts. In 2004, w During an interview in Melbourne, Australia, speaking Islamic extremists, Simmons describes Islam as a Vile culture And said that Muslim women were behind their M Knnern walk will not be allowed to own educated or H user. He said: “They want to live where you live, and they think that you are wrong. ” Critical monitoring, Australian Muslim of the Year Susan Carland argued that Simmons was inaccurate stereotypes of Muslims. [30] Simmons ter sp Gekl Rt his comments on his website said that he had spoken specifically Muslim extremists. In 2005, Simmons was a former girlfriend, Georgeann Walsh Ward, who they are “defamed” had in the VH1 documentary When Kiss rules the world and when Described prostitute Said sued. Da er einen geistlichen beruf ergreifen sollte, schickte ihn seine familie bachelorarbeit auf die klosterschule fulda. [31] A settlement was established in June 2006 [32] reached in 2007, Simmons spoke against music piracy and file-sharers called to pursue. Axe Bass (Kramer, Jackson, BC Rich Cort and now) Punisher Bass (BCRich now made by Cort) Gene Simmons signature Pedulla Spector B Sse (especially in the 1980s and early 1990s) Gibson Grabber ( Haupt leisurely Kiss ‘early years) Gibson Ripper (mainly leisurely in Kiss’ early years) Gibson Thunderbird (Aper u 1977 Largo, MD concert video used) Low personalized Lobue (Wicked Lester, Kiss very tt to 73-78) Carvin bass sound Cort Guitars Signature GS-1 B sse It uses Ampeg SVT CL series amplifier rker with 8×10 cupboards. “.

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