Gene Simmons Spector Bass Guitar

In his electronic arsenal, athletes Gene Simmons Axe two powerful microphones mites in a PJ configuration with HFMD 4 in the neck position and a MMJB-R in the bridge position. The three-way selector switch erm Glicht you to a variety of signals from microphones greasy and thunderous compose l Rule and concentrated, and controls Volume RKE and master sound allows a sculpture. The work of contr Them in cooperation with the pickup selector switch offers the entire range of tonal M Possibilities, but always produces musical results, even in the extreme. It is built for hard rock and metal high performance, but is sound at home in many musical contexts.

Gene Simmons was exposed as a teenager rock ‘n’ roll, so many were to write on the performance of Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964 Inspired songs of his own, Gene hypnotized began looking for an opportunity
Kent guitar that his mother bought him for $ 15. After joining his first band in 1967 (Lynx sp Ter renamed missing links), for bass, he joined the band had no bass player. I have had one story published under your guidance and hope this is just the beginning; He also became the S Nger. His first bass guitar was $ 50 Segova, he bought because it looked like violin H form The bass FNER his hero Paul McCartney.

In the time he played with Wicked Lester (a group he formed with Steve Coronel, Brooke Ostrander, Tony Zarrella and Paul Stanley and was the Preferences Shore KISS), he played a Gibson Epiphone bass.

This bass with the rest of the bands equipment was stolen from its repetition attic Mott Street and Canal Street in New York. Instead, he bought a Fender Precision Bass, which had been modified with a micro  Gibson humbucker gives a sound pleased t unique. This coffee was sold in the early seventies genes and used the money to have built a small customer of luthiers Chalie LoBue for him. The low LoBue was the first bass genes exist symmetric H Rn, a function that genes shifted some other models, Including Lich low. the currently low, The Punisher. The LoBue was also guided a fully exposed neck 24 frets Rbt natural wood finish and a black pickguard. It was low that genes used for both live and recording first three albums of KISS. Somewhere along the fa Which EB-0 Collection and Gibson chrome bridge cover was added on bass and
Scratch seems to have been removed. Shortly before the Alive! Visit genes had painted it black, white. .

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